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Chemistry Textbook


One of the biggest questions many homeschool families have is concerning curriculum.  At APEX, we will help you find the curriculum that is right for your family.  We have trained professionals that know their craft and can help you make wise choices on curriculum.  We all know that every child is different, so curriculum choice is an individual decision that should be dealt with on a student-by-student basis.  

In the classroom, we will not be relying solely on textbooks for our curriculum.  We will be teaching the set of standards required for each class.  These standards are taught in all major Christian textbooks, so we will use textbooks to guide us in our quest for mastery of the subject matter, but we will also use other forms of media and printed material. 


That being said, we have chosen a set of curricula for our classes to help keep students on the same page. (pun intended)  We ask that students either use the same curriculum as the teacher or come to an agreement with the teacher on how to best maintain the pace of the class.  

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